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Sunday, April 10

Akhri Chatan By Naseem Hijazi

This novel Akhri Chatan is written by Naseem Hijazi and here it is available in PDF format.
Naseem Hijazi was a Popular Urdu novel & drama writer who is well-known for his novels dealing with Islamic history. He born at the village of Sujaanpur near town Dhariwal, district Gurdaspur, Punjab in Pre-Partition India.
Naseem Hijazi seems to have been inspired a lot by Allama Muhammad Iqbal's poetry. He tries, not very unlike Iqbal, to remind his readers of the lost glory of the Muslims and in a way inspire them to work with commitment to achieve lost glory in all walks of life.
His three novels have been dramatized. Akhri Chataan and Shaheen were dramatized in 1980s and were televised on PTV as independent drama serials and The Novel Khaak aur Khoon was dramatized into a movie in Lollywood.
Click Here to Download part 1
Click Here to Download part 2

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