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Saturday, March 12

100 Greatest Science Discoveries of All Time by Hendall Haven

This book 100 Greatest Science Discoveries is written by Hendall Haven and here it is available in PDF format.
This is really a good book for general knowledge any one who is interested in history and basically science history must read this book that all those inventions which has changed the dimensions of human's life how they were invented.
The Author's  latest book for students and interested general readers briefly describes the 100 scientific discoveries which have had the greatest impact on the development of human science and thinking, from Archimedes' discovery of the two fundamental principles underlying physics and engineering to recent work on the human genome. The book text provides not only information on science discoveries, but also on the process of doing science and insights into the lives key people in the field. Each entry includes a definition of the discovery and its name, the year of discovery, discovering scientist, why it ranks as one of the 100 greatest, how it was discovered, and a reference list.
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