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Saturday, March 12

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance By Ross-6th Edition

This book Fundamentals of Corporate Finance By Ross-6th Editionand here it is available in PDF format.
The best book on the topic of  Fundamentals of Corporate Finance is written with one strongly held principle, that corporate should be developed and taught in terms of a few integrated, powerful ideas.In this book 3 basic themes to be focused on.
  • An emphasis on intuition, underlying ideas are discussed in general terms and then by way of examples that illustrate in more concrete terms how a financial manager might proceed in a given situation.
  • A unified valuation approach, net present value is treated as the basic concept underlying corporate finance. Every subject covered is firmly rooted in valuation, and care is taken to explain how particular decisions have valuation effects.
  • A managerial focus, the authors emphasize the role of the financial manager as decision maker, and they stress the need for managerial input and judgment.
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