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Friday, March 11

CMOS Analog VLSI Circuit Design by Philip E. Allen; Douglas R.Holberg

This book is written by Philip E. Allen; Douglas R.Holberg and here it is available in PDF format.
This book is specially for the people who are electronic engineers and want do discover some new words in micro lever electronics.

After years of research the Phil Allen and Doug Holberg brought for us 2nd edition of their textbook, CMOS Analog Circuit Design . Using CMOS technology, both have combined their experiences as engineers and academics to give us a cutting-edge and effective overview of the laws and methods for designing such circuits.
This Book contain the following topics or outline
Discrete time Orients the experience of the expert within the perspective of design methodology
Discrete time Identifies common mistakes made by beginning designers
Discrete time Provides problems with each chapter that reinforce and develop student understanding
Discrete time Contains numerous problems that can be used as homework, quiz, or exam problems
Discrete time Includes a new section on switched-capacitor circuits
Discrete time Includes helpful appendices that provide simulation techniques and the following supplemental material:
A brief review and a calculator program for analyzing CMOS analog design
A review of time-frequency domain relationships for second-order systems

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